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Sick Single Mom!

I’m never prepared to be sick and take care of JD on my own, even though my medicine cabinet is stocked with meds, tissues and spare cans of gingerale. This week I got hit with a stomach virus + sinus infection (needed a Zpack for that!). My head felt like someone smacked me with a baseball bat, then held me under water and when I wasn’t puking I was drinking gingerale and nibbling on crackers. Needless to say I needed to call for reinforcements. Who did I call? Who would YOU call?

On Tuesday, Uncle Bri picked JD up and took him to the park, out for pizza, to visit my mom, then to play slot cars at Zeppelin Hobbies and Raceway. Apparently 4 bucks buys you a twenty-minute game. I didn’t even know this place existed (it’s five minutes from my condo), but I will definitely be taking JD this Sunday since it looks like rain. By the time they got home I was in my office with tissues all around my feet, writing on deadline. Brian cooked dinner: chicken, rice and steamed broccoli. The boys chowed down and I ate plain rice. I looked green when Uncle Bri was ready to leave, so he slept over, because he knew I needed help with JD’s shower and bedtime. Check out Uncle Bri and JD at Sesame Place.

Co-Sleeping and Single Motherhood: Comfort Or Curse?

On Wednesday, my mom came over and stayed until Thursday night. Now, the poor dear is in bed, sick, like I was (feel so bad!). Fingers crossed, JD stays strong and doesn’t get sick. Kiddo just got over pink eye!

I was so lucky to have helpers when I was sick. As a single mom with NO physical participation from “Dad,” the caretaking is all on me and I admittedly couldn’t handle it these past couple of days. I was really ill and my body needed to rest and be still. Never be ashamed or scared to ask for help. Your kid will thank you! I mean, JD had a ball with Uncle Bri and Mema! Single Mom Moment: Need A Home Remedy For Congestion?

Single parents, who helps you out when you’re green with the stomach flu and sick with a sinus infection? Does your ex help out at all? Have a nice weekend!

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