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Single Dating Mom

I went out with my opposite sex friend the other night and naturally Carlo Jr. laced into me. But I didn’t care. Before I left, I played with JD, cooked a homemade meal, bathed and read to him. He was sleeping when I slipped out.

We went to a local bar, only we didn’t know we were walking into Trivia night. As we made our way through the young crowd (d’oh!) the host said, “What does the ‘W’ in George W. Bush stand for?” My friend grabbed my hand and led me to an empty stool. Two much younger girls who were definitely tipsy looked at him and said, “Omg, do you like, know what the “W” in George W. Bush’s name stands for?”

It stands for Walker, but they didn’t ask me, they asked my cute date and I didn’t care. He didn’t know the answer and he ordered me a Blue Moon w/ an orange and then retrieved the trivia paperwork at my request. I watched the girls eye him as he walked away from me. Eye roll. It’s either I’m older or a mother, but other girls talking to the guy I’m out with doesn’t phase me at all. I think it’s half and half. I’m older and more mature—and don’t play games. I’m also a mom with a heap of responsibilities on my back and have no, I mean no time for dra-ma. I was actually thinking, “Sh*t, I didn’t pack JD’s lunch before I left!” while I waited for the trivia form. I told Siri to remind me. (Love her!) The girls were cute. They reminded me of myself at 22. At 22 if a girl attempted to talk to my guy I would have flipped.

The next round was Children. I smirked. Q no.1: “What is Elmo’s pet goldfish’s name?” There was silence amongst the crowd.

I killed it.

Dorothy. Bam.

Dating as a single mom gets more and more entertaining.

Have a great weekend!

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