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Single Mom and Itty-Bitty Bikini: Yay or Nay?

I invited my mom friends and their kids over yesterday. We have a big pool at our condo and it’s been about 1000 degrees in NJ for the past few days. We all jumped in willingly—even JD, who sometimes needs a moment to ease into the big body of water. Not yesterday! Yesterday I walked into the pool and submerged myself—ahhhh! I turned to JD who was standing at the stairs and he lounged, jumped and grabbed my bandeau bathing suit top. Yep, pretty sure I flashed the male, teen lifeguard. Pretty sure he didn’t care. This got me thinking about moms and bikinis. And well, single moms and bikinis—I mean, why not flirt a little when you're out and about—and half-naked, tee-hee.

Look, I’m proud of my mom body. (Click here to read Love Your New Mom Body.) I’m in better shape than I was prior to having JD. I credit this to the fact that I am constantly chasing him around and also lugging him around—he’s 29 pounds (great workout for my arms and core!) So, hell yeah, I wear an itty-bitty bikini to the pool and beach, but I’m starting to realize, comfortable in my skin or not, I should probably think about purchasing a more functional one.

Right now I’m rotating two swimsuits. This one from Victoria Secret, as you can see has a metal butterfly center-bust. It’s shiny, colorful and attractive. Yeah, it’s what JD grabs when I’m holding him in the water. He thinks it’s a toy. Not good.

This string bikini by Rampage is tiny and provides pretty much no support or coverage. So, when JD jumps in the pool from the ledge and I catch him it sometimes shifts. I’m always running my fingers along the bottoms to make sure my butt is as covered as it can be—ha!

Well, look, I’m starting to realize, I’m not on Spring Break. (Certainly no frothy, umbrella embellished cocktail in my hand. Try juice box.) I’m on mom duty and there's no one to make a run after JD or throw him in the air (fun!), but me! So, I did some digging and found some still-sexy, but more functional suits. I ordered the first one in black. Love it!

The Solid Wide Band Halter Top and Solid Rouched Sonsie Short from J. Crew is a winner. The top ties at the neck and back for double support and the bottoms are flirty, but also provide FULL-coverage—which I LOVE, since I’m constantly getting up and down from the ledge of the pool or sand to chase JD at a moment’s notice. $80,

 Yatch Club Stripe Halter Tankini and Hipster Bottom—a sexy tankini? I’m sold. I love this strapless-style top because it has a spaghetti strap neck tie to keep it up (and resist the tug of a toddler!). The wire U adds shape to the bust making this safe suit, sexy. I like the fun stripes, but really like the dark, solid bottom because it’s slimming. It’s on-sale now at

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Your turn, first, I’m curious, as a single mom do you like to wear a bikini to maybe, possibly attract a cutie at the pool or beach (I do, why not!) Has your tot ever hijacked your swimsuit? What style bathing suit do you wear?

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