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Single Mom Kourtney Kardashian Moves In (and Out) With Sisters Khloe and Kim

Last night on the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, single mom, Kourtney moved in with Khloe, then moved out and moved in with Kim. This got me thinking about single parents and living situations.

When Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami ended, we saw Kourtney and Mason head home to California, leaving baby-daddy, Scott, behind to work on his anger and alcohol issues. Kourtney decided to move in with Khloe and her Lakers player husband, Lamar. Rob (the Kardashian brother) also lives at the newlywed’s home. Kourtney said last night that she was excited and happy to be living there, because as a single mom, it’s great to have extra hands on deck to help out. I agree! A simple thing like taking a shower, peeing or making a sandwich requires a game plan when you also have a baby (or in my case a toddler to look after).

Well, unfortunately Kourtney and Mason aren’t calling Khloe’s mansion home-sweet-home. Since Khloe isn’t on team Scott, she refuses to let him in her home, calling him toxic. Kourtney thinks it’s toxic not to have Mason’s dad around. There wasn’t an all-out fight between the sisters last night, but there were definitely raised voices and name-calling in front of Mason, which in my opinion is toxic! Kourtney and Mason moved to Kim’s new place. Let’s see if that works out.

I love where I live. I’m close to my family and friends, but live alone with JD. It’s hard sometimes. Last night, I wanted to clean up the ziti and meatball pots and dishes, but JD was tugging on my shirt to come play cars. I played cars and did the dishes when he went to bed. I’m not complaining, because I like my space and independence. I ask for help when I need help and I’m lucky because JD’s godmother, my best friend, Katie, lives in our building. We literally live in the condo above hers (which is cool because she never complains about the thump-clump of JD’s feet or toys!).

As a single mom, where I choose to live is important. I love and miss NYC, but I have a huge condo with two bedrooms. My single girlfriend pays the same for a studio in NYC and that works for her, because she doesn’t have a kid (it would work for me too, if I was single and living in a great city!). But, I want a life and lifestyle. That includes my own bedroom, money to go to the beach and zoo with JD (as in, not spending my paycheck on rent in NYC), close friends and family nearby to help with sitting and plain old company! Great schools! I couldn’t have that in NYC on my budget or proximity to people. Raising A Child Solo: Location Matters.

I’m curious single parents—like Kourtney, do you choose to live with family, a friend or close to your child’s other parent? Did you move to accommodate your new lifestyle? Married parents (I didn’t forget about you—and I love you!), do you live close to your parents, or did you move to a better school district? Do you think Kourtney made the right decision by living with a family member as opposed to solo? XO