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Single Mom Moment: Need A Home Remedy for Congestion?

A few weeks ago I blogged about JD’s allergies and how I freaked out and called the pediatrician after hours because there was no dosage info on the Children’s Benadryl bottle. I failed to mention I am suffering, too. This is the first season in my life where I’m actually experiencing the discomfort of allergies: drippy nose (ew), dry, itchy eyes, scratchy throat and this intense pressure like there’s water in my ears and someone punched me in the face. I take the generic for Claritin everyday. It’s supposed to provide 24-hour-relief and I do get some, but I’m still not feeling great! This is thanks to what’s being called the worst allergy season yet. Experts say extreme weather is perhaps the biggest culprit. Record rainfalls in some parts of the country have caused the levels of pollen, one of the most common allergens to skyrocket. Well, considering we’re always at the park, or taking long walks, there is no way to avoid to the pollen. And last night, I had a bad attack…(and by bad attack, I mean I am a DRA-MA QUEEN).

It was about 9:15 P.M. JD was sound asleep in his bedroom and I was already in bed, propped up against a mound of pillows to help with the congestion, watching Grey’s. The windows were closed and the air was on and set at 73 degrees. All of a sudden I felt this intense pressure in my nose and then it sealed off (see, DRAMA QUEEN), I couldn't breathe through my nose, you know, like sniff. I tried to blow, but nothing came out. I admittedly started to panic. I went into the bathroom, turned on the hot water in the shower and washed my face in the sink. I still felt this pressure and blockage, but calmed myself down, because I was clearly breathing through my mouth (and I'm a DRAMA QUEEN). I texted my friends in the building and asked for nasal spray—I thought my one friend would at least have Little Noses (saline solution I used on JD when he was a baby). They had nothing. There was a 24-hour CVS nearby, but JD was sleeping, it was late and I didn’t feel like asking one of my friends to go for me or watch JD so I could go (this is the part of single motherhood that can get tricky, folks.)

Instead, I returned to my bed and googled “relief for congested nose.” I came across a page that said to mix salt and warm water and squirt it into your nose, hmmm. This seemed legit—it’s essentially what a saline solution is, right? Hmmmm. I had warm water (obvi) and salt (regular and sea!), but how the hell was I going to squirt it in my nose. No, I don’t own a neti pot, but thanks to all of my Facebook friends who partook in my live allergy attack last night, I think I will purchase one. Today. Then it occurred to me that I had a plastic box of “baby stuff” I no longer used in the linen closet. It contains 11 tubes of diaper cream and jackpot—a nose syringe-sucker thingy. I totally remember living in my one bedroom apartment when JD was a baby and sucking boogers out of his nose while he lay on the changing table that was wedged in a nook in the hallway that led to our tiny bathroom with the red and purple and gold shower curtain.

The syringe in my hand, I looked down at the cloudy salt water I created, then in the mirror (hmmmm)—then I tried to sniff—still so congested. Here goes, I started squirting salt water into both nostrils and it dripped into my throat (ew)—the whole time Grey’s is playing in my room and JD is sound asleep. Would you believe my concoction worked! WORKED! I felt INSTANT relief. I was able to blow my nose and breathe. I returned to my bed with a brimming glass of water and settled in for RHONYC. I texted smarty pants Uncle Bri boasting about my concoction. His response? "Duh, Chris. It's a natural saline solution." Fine, whatever.

Basically call me MacGyver from now on. I’m not even wasting money on nose spray. I shall continue to concoct salt water and use JD’s nose sucker circa 2007.

Do you suffer from allergies? What allergy and nose spray meds do you use? Have a great weekend! We have a luau party at JD's school tonight and a 1st Bday bash for my best friend's son, Rocco. Enjoy, lovelies! XO

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Disclosure: I do not endorse Claritin, generic Claritin or Little Noses. (I do endorse warm water from the tap and salt. And a nose sucker circa 2007.)