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Single Mom Raising A Son: My Take On The J.Crew Ad

OK, I think it’s time for me to weigh in on the J.Crew ad featuring a mom painting her son’s toenails pink. As a single mom of a three-year-old boy, my big question is, honestly, did the blond boy in the photo ask his mom to paint his nails pink? Because, if he did, cool! If not, why is she painting her son’s toenails pink?

In the warmer seasons JD does notice my toenails and says, “Cool color, mom!” or “Get blue next time!” And, as observant as he is, he doesn’t want his nails painted and why would I paint his nails? Why would any mom paint her son’s nails pink—unless they asked? Maybe I’m being a little narrow-minded here (tell me off--it's cool!), because I totally respect the mom who let her kid dress up as Daphne.

I’m not brainwashing my son not to want his nails painted, but my son really is a boy-boy-boy—all on his own. I kind of pat myself on the back for this considering his dad plays no role in his life and despite that my dad and brothers are indeed around, the fact is, JD is with me, a total girly-girl most of the time. And he’s in the mud looking for bugs, playing sports, crashing cars into block towers and cooking (yes cooking in his kitchen). He knows the difference, or his idea of difference between girls and boys—and not just by private parts.

Sometimes he says, “Here mom, you play with Sally.” (A car from the Disney movie Cars.) When I asked him why I had to play with Sally he said, “Sally is a girl car and you’re a girl!” I didn’t tell him this or raise him like this—it’s who he is. His buddy, Anna from school, is having a birthday party tomorrow. He wants to buy her a Barbie doll. “Why?” I asked. “She’s a girl!” he said. “Can we get her Play-Doh, too?” I asked. “OK,” he said.

I think the J. Crew ad had several purposes. To get people blogging, talking, going crazy--to cause controversy. I think it saw how much attention Daphne and Princess Boy got. J.Crew could also be appealing to moms who do have boys that are into girl stuff or a girl living in a boy’s body. And it could just be a sweet moment between a mom and her son. I'm not sure on this one. I mean, it's really not that big of a deal, but it's also OK for people to say, to wonder, wait, you're painting your son's nails pink--why? It's not an every, single day thing to see a boy with pink nails. Chew on this: If you saw an 8-year-old girl in daisy dukes and a halter top--you'd prob say, that little girl should dress and act like a little girl!!! I kind of feel the same way about this pink nail polish thing. Can't boys be boys!? My .02. Now yours...

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