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Single Moms Raising Sons: The Jersey Shore Edition

As you all know, I’m a single mom raising a boy. (Before I found out I was having a boy, I had a very pink Gilmore Girls fantasy going on in my head.) His dad is not in the picture so the rearing is on me. I make sure JD spends time with my dad and brothers, because I want him to have positive male role models in his life. I think it’s important, that while I can throw a football and show enthusiasm during an airing of Monster Jam, that JD share these traditional guy adventures with, well, guys. I’m all about raising a well-rounded boy that says please and thank you without being prompted, eats all his green beans and engages in activities from sports to sand art (a recent adventure that is prob better to do outside). That being said, my kid better treat the ladies right. I know this may sound silly, I mean JD is only 3, but after watching Ronnie’s breakdown on MTV’s Jersey Shore last night, I am horrified. Horrified. I wonder if his mom is too.

I was updating my Facebook during the show and I was surprised to see that people were agreeing that Ronnie is nuts and needs medication, but also blaming his behavior on Sammi. Fine, Sammi does come off as clingy and needy, but I think she comes more off as a girl who loves her boyfriend (a lot). As Ronnie would say, I guess I’m going with “girl code” here and defending Sammi. Wouldn’t you?

Last night Ronnie called her a slut, a bitch, dumb, insecure and a bunch of other negative names. He screamed in her face that he was going to bring three girls back to the “smush room” and have sex with them (and uh, do other graphic things with them) all night. He also trashed their shared room by throwing Sammi’s clothes all over and putting her bed on the deck while declaring, Sammi is a dog, let the dog sleep outside. During his rage, Sammi’s prescription glasses got broken, which really set her off.

I get that guys cheat on their girlfriends (trust me!) and vice-versa, so I’m not even going to get on Ronnie for that. Relationships are not black-and-white, but Ronnie was completely off his rocker last night. How can you love someone one minute and then call her a slut the next? In the first episode of this season, Ronnie told Sammi’s mom he’d take care of her—yeah, OK! I don’t care how annoying Sammi was being with wanting to talk about their relationship and rehash the fact (THE FACT) that Ronnie cheated on her in Miami—no one deserves to be treated like that. I wanted to jump through my T.V. last night and hug Sammi.

As I was watching this madness unfold, I glanced over at my nightstand and looked at a picture of JD. He wasn’t even one yet, sitting on the beach at the Jersey Shore, examining the sand on his fingers—such a sweet and innocent shot. Then I switched back to the T.V. and Ronnie was in the confessional whimpering something like, I love Sam. I can’t believe she’s leaving the shore house. Are you kidding me? She left because you did everything but punch her in the face.

I’m a single mom raising a little boy with no dad in the house. It’s my job to make sure he doesn’t turn out like Ronnie or the version of Ronnie portrayed in last night’s episode. (I hope JD turns out like Vinnie. I <3 Vinnie.)

Did you see Jersey Shore last night? What did you think of Ronnie's rant? Do you think Ronnie's parents are ashamed of him/his behavior? Are you a single mom raising a boy on your own? How do you feel about that? Please share! Have a happy weekend! After a long week, I'm pumped to spend every second with my son (no other plans and totally cool with that)!

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