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Single Motherhood & Working From Home

As a single mom who works from home, my workdays are pretty interesting. JD goes to school/summer camp three days a week, but Tuesday and Wednesday he’s home with me. I really can’t work on those days unless he takes a long snooze in the afternoon and to accomplish this, we usually head to the park to RUN around or to the pool to splash and water paint. Well, yesterday it was raining. In my life, this means it was POURING (especially since I have work due to several different magazines this week and next). Since we couldn’t play outside we headed to the…

Mall. Sigh, I know. My mom friend, Amy and her daughter, Lily joined us because if she didn’t get out of the house, she was going to jump—ha. Our first stop, the food court—blah (I miss downtown NYC a lot in moments like this). I never let JD eat crap, so he was super-excited to scarf down a chicken nuggets kids meal with fries and 40 packets of ketchup from Wendy’s—and all of the tomatoes from my Salad Works, salad that was, eh, OK. There was a cool microphone toy included with the lunch and since it was loud and crowded in the food court, no one really minded that JD and Lily were screaming into the mics, then laughing wildly at the echo, echo, echo.

Good behavior only lasted so long and soon JD was standing on his chair, saying, “I all done. I get down.” Amy was able to distract the kids with stickers for five more minutes and we inhaled our salads and diet cokes.

Next stop, the Disney Store. Love this store. It’s so bright and fun and everything is soft and cushy. We parked the strollers in the back of the store and took the kids out. They watched a few minutes of an old Mickey Mouse cartoon on a big screen, but then quickly realized they were surrounded by Cars and princess paraphernalia. I didn’t plan on buying JD anything, because he has enough toys, but there was a package of Cars characters marked down from $16.50 to $8.50, plus JD was already holding the package, saying, “I see Mater, Sally, Doc Hudson, I see…” It was a good purchase too, because he hasn’t stopped playing with them (on the windowsill, train tracks, Little Tykes ramp. He went to bed with the cast of Cars last night. $8.50 WELL SPENT!)

After the Disney Store we walked slowly around the mall trying to kill time and resisting the vendors who wanted to put fake, pink extensions in our hair, put sticker nail polish on our nails and sell us phones for carriers we didn’t use. We entered the pet store and both JD and Lily lit up. “So many puppies in cages,” JD said. “I want one.” (That’s not happening until we have a house + yard + he’s old enough to care for it.) There was a bulldog puppy, center store, secured in an oval cage. I named him Rodriguez and JD and Lily ran around the enclosure after him. Next we visited the mice, snakes and birds. The kids identified the animals and their colors and it was pretty much like a free trip to the zoo—a D-list zoo.

As we headed back to our cars, we stopped when we saw a vendor demonstrating how an electronic helicopter he was trying to sell worked. “Brrrrmmm, Zooooom, Zip!” it went and then it took off flying around in circles. The kids were impressed and they stayed impressed for 15 minutes—and Amy and I sat on a bench, drinking Starbucks, talking about books. BLISS.

Determined to keep JD wide-awake, the 10-minute ride home we sang the alphabet song on repeat, pointed out white, red, blue, “gweeeeen” (green), “silber” (silver) cars and trucks. When we got home, I gave him a cup of milk and he passed out promptly in his bed. I started work at 3 P.M. and he woke up at 4:55 P.M. It was raining so we played catch with a soft ball, I quizzed him with flash cards and then I started dinner (green beans, potatoes and grilled chicken).




And back to work for Mommy! Day in the life of a single mom who works from home in an attempt to make everything work.

Anyone else work from home AND care for their kids? What do you do on rainy days to keep your kiddo entertained? Please share! XOXO