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Single Parent Must Read: Matt Logelin's Two Kisses for Maddy

I met Matt Logelin in June of 2008. Well, I met him over the Internet—wait, let me explain. I was penning the Storked! blog for and one of my readers sent me a (dating myself) message alerting me to Matt’s blog. I checked it out to learn that his high school sweetheart/wife, Liz, died of a pulmonary embolism 27 hours after giving birth to their daughter, Madeline.

Boom, Matt was a single dad. Our stories are black and white, night and day, but I instantly related to him, because I know what it’s like to deal with a fork in the road, decide to catch the curveball, not sway from it. I emailed Matt to offer my support and friendship. He guest blogged on Storked! Then he flew out to NYC and hung out with JD and me. The four of us became fast friends. He was at my LA reading when Rattled! came out. Uncle Bri babysit at the hotel so Matt and I could drink beers.

The four of us cruised to the Bahamas with Mickey Mouse.

His triumphant book, Two Kisses for Maddy was published TODAY! I devoured this poetic, charming, tearful, sometimes funny memoir months ago and loved it—and was proud to offer an author quote on the back cover. Check out the trailer:

Coincidentally, my memoir Rattled! was published two years ago today and Matt had this to say.

Order Matt's book here.