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Single Working Mom? Read This

As most of you know I’m a freelance writer/researcher/stylist. This means I have gigs one week and the next week I do or I don’t. Hopefully, I do.

This week is busy. On Monday, I was in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC on location at a fashion photo shoot that I coordinated the looks for. This means I called in all of the clothing and jewelry. I dressed (and re-dressed) the models. It’s a fun gig! I can’t complain. I got to shop for a few weeks and play dress-up all day—and by all day, I mean I was up at 5 AM and out of my door at 5:50 AM. I was on a bus to NYC at 6:22 AM.

JD was sleeping when I left, so I just left a note and some cereal on the table.


But, as a single mom (with no physical help from D.A.D), this did mean I had to plan ahead and stress ahead. My mom lives in South NJ at the shore and is about an hour and change away. My Dad lives 20 minutes away. Uncle Bri lives 35 minutes away. Uncle Carlo’s job is too important and high profile for him to really help out during the week. All of my friends work and the babysitters I occasionally use are in college or at work during the day. I had to attend this shoot and be the first one on set to unpack the clothes, steam them and display the jewelry. I couldn’t come in late and pull the single mom card (every now and then, I have no choice, but to do this). So, I asked my mom to sleepover on Sunday, drive JD to school, pick him up at around 4 PM, cook and serve dinner, bathe him, read to him and tuck him in—yep shoots go long! And of course she said yes, but the anxiety of waiting to know if she could do it (my family members do have lives, work), was not cool and this is another part of single motherhood that you can’t anticipate and just have to go through. I once got stuck in dead-stop traffic and no one in my family could get JD from school. None of my girlfriends were around. I ended up calling a guy friend (who JD adores!) to swoop him up—and he took him to Chili’s where I met them for dinner. So, things tend to work out, I guess.

And they worked out great on Monday! I got to NYC early enough to enjoy a latte. I sat at a bar in front of a big glass window and watched yellow cabs and people zip by. The shoot ran smoothly. Adele and other great music played in the background. The models looked beautiful. The energy was up! The crew was artistic and friendly and they fed my soul. I met my girlfriends for drinks and was home in time to read JD a bedtime story. And my mom is awesome for helping me. Love her. 

These are my NYC girls. I hadn’t seen them in a year (I know, sob). We showed up to the wine bar in the same hat. The universe is telling us something. A. We dress awesome. B. We should drink wine together more frequently. 

On the way home, the bus zoomed up and around a curved ramp presenting me with a beautiful, clear, twinkling view of the skyline behind a black sky. I yawned and I felt proud to be a working mom (and for a moment, not guilty). I want JD to know about hard work and figuring things out and getting things done and being responsible and capable—and happy. I am. 

Share any thoughts you might have. XO

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