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Talking to Your Child About Divorce: Cox and Arquette Took Coco to a Beach

As you know Courtney Cox and David Arquette are calling it quits. The two share an adorable daughter, Coco, 6. So, how did the couple break the news to their young child? They took her to the beach for a picnic and…

According to Arquette, he and Cox were as honest as they could be. “I explained to her that we're grownups, and a lot of the time when grownups are growing up, they need to figure out their lives...Sometimes that takes each other having a little space.” Of course Coco didn’t take that as an explanation. “Are you getting a divorce?” she asked. Her father claims, no, and that he and Cox are just taking some time.

Unfortunately Arquette was honest with everyone else too. He called into the Howard Stern show and dished about his sexless marriage and how he had sex with another woman, Jazmine Waltz after Courtney gave him the green light to pursue other women. Well, now he realizes he shared way too much and he apologized to the Cougar Town star (love this show and especially the bond single mom Jules shares with her son Travis) and mother of his daughter.

Speaking of daughter—eeeps! Does anyone else think Arquette should have kept quiet about his separation for none other than Coco’s sake? I mean, I know she’s six and not reading People magazine, but was it really necessary to share so much about his failed marriage? I posed this question to a colleague who is an editor at a celebrity weekly and his response made sense to me. “He did it because either way, it was coming out and at least it came from his mouth.” OK, I get it. But, I also think that celebrities are unfortunately fair game to having their lives, the good and bad, slashed on the covers of weeklies. So, my thought is, he shared too much.

Take Christina Aguilera -- she and husband, Jordan Bratman split after five years of marriage. To set the record straight she released a statement to People too: "Although Jordan and I are separated, our commitment to our son Max remains as strong as ever.” A lot more tame, huh? I think Arquette should have went this route and it’s unfortunate he did not. Cox has remained tight-lipped about the split. Good.

As you all know, there was no breakup talk to have with JD, because my son’s father left when I was 11-weeks-pregnant. I however, have this talk in very simple terms often because JD now asks about his father or will randomly say something like “birdies don’t have daddies.” I appreciate how Arquette and Cox took Coco to a peaceful beach and shared food—then broke the news. To me, a beach is a safe place. It’s not home and Coco won’t have to associate her parents split with her home where she eats pancakes and watches cartoons. The beach is a pretty place and it smells nice, like salt and sand. The tide pulls in and out, over and over as it always has, as it always will. It’s consistent and strong, though, OK, sometimes weak, but never still. It moves, it carries on. We all carry on…carry on, carry on.

Check out's The Split -- It's about a real-life mom going through a divorce. So juicy and real -- love it.

Are you divorced (never married, but broke up with your partner)? How did you tell your child? Are you going through a divorce/breakup now? Does your child know? What do you think about Arquette’s tell-all to the tabloids? Was Aguilera smart to release a quickie, textbook statement?