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Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Is Not A Teen Mom

This week’s episode of Teen Mom 2 focusing on Jenelle’s storyline got me really upset. I would like to say foremost, that I do feel bad for Jenelle, because her mother, Barbara is verbally abusive. She calls her a whore, slut and tells her that she is no good. That said, Barbara shed a tear and told Jenelle to leave Keifer and asked her to stay, but as per usual, Jenelle chose herself over her son, Jace. I think Jenelle needs to have a glass of cold water thrown in her face and for someone to scream, “Cut the crap.”

This past week’s episode showed Jenelle and her boyfriend, Keifer, smoking pot and getting high on her mother’s porch (seemed like a scene from Intervention, really). Jenelle’s mom reacted and had a right to, though I wish she would remove Jace from the situation before she starts screaming and berating her daughter. That said, Jenelle has no right to be smoking pot at her mother’s home—she has no right to be smoking pot—it’s an illegal substance—hello! Keifer, who I believe is around for his 15-minutes of fame and whatever MTV is paying him is disrespectful and using Jenelle. Keifer called Jenelle’s mom “a douche.” He also lives off whatever money Jenelle has and her money should be going to Jace, not a grown man who is capable of pumping gas or working at a grocery store. I get he didn’t go to college and blah, blah, blah—he can work at Target. Keifer has no car, no money and no home. Sob story, but not in my book. Lazy in my book. I will give Keifer this, he told Jenelle to go home to her mom and son. But, Jenelle said, "I can't just leave you with nothing, no phone or car." OMG Jenelle, worry about the baby boy you abandoned. Holy SH*T! Sorry, guys, this makes me so mad!

I won’t compare myself to Jenelle. I was 26, college-educated and gainfully employed when I discovered I was pregnant—then suddenly single. My family and friends were supportive. It was an exciting and scary time for me and I made a choice. I made a choice to be an amazing mother. The thing is, Jenelle made a choice to be a mother, too. She could have had an abortion or put the child up for adoption. Normally I don’t throw these A words around lightly, but Jenelle is not a mom, so why did she give birth to a child? Why is she on Teen Mom 2? All of the teen moms on the show are struggling, but those ladies are not running away, crying and smoking pot.

I am saddened by Jenelle’s reoccurring meltdowns over the fact that no one loves her. Everything is about Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle. She doesn’t realize that she threw the greatest love away when she decided not to be Jace’s mom. Look, my mom, dad, brothers and a handful of girlfriends love me unconditionally. I know this. I know I can call on them for support (2 of my girlfriends came over this past week when I was feeling anxious). But I do not have intimate love in my life and sometimes it’s really hard and really lonely—it’s anxiety inducing, even. There is no kissing or cuddling or you know, anything else—I am single and hardly dating.

But I have so much love from JD. I tell JD I love him every, single day, multiple times a day and he says, “Mommy, I love you, too. A lot.” When I walk into his classroom to pick him up, he lights up and runs to me, wrapping his arms around my legs. We hug, kiss and cuddle. We hold hands. My friend recently said to me, “Do you see the way JD looks at you? You’re his hero.” The love between my son and me is so strong and unbreakable. It is real and it is fulfilling. Jenelle could have had this, but she is more concerned with Keifer or any boyfriend for that matter. The preview for next week shows Jenelle saying to Keifer, “What if we just leave and go to New Jersey?” But Jace is in North Carolina. IF YOU COME TO NJ. COME SEE ME. DO IT.

Like I said, Jenelle needs some cold water thrown in her face and for someone to say, cut the crap. She needs to stop whining, “I want people to stop saying I’m a crap mom.” This is harsh and I don’t mean to offend you sweet readers, but, Jenelle, you are a crap mom. Grow up.

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