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TGIF: Products and Single Mom Reads You'll Love!

Happy Friday! I wanted to share with you some things JD and I are loving these days! Enjoy my reviews!

Water play shoes: JD goes to summer camp three-days-a-week. He gets to participate in fun splash days (think water tables and sprinklers on a fenced in grassy area). He’s required to wear swim trunks, a swim shirt—and water shoes (for safety purposes). Keen Newport H2 is a stylish summer sandal with an elastic cord lace and adjustable hook and loop strap, that lets kiddos put them on and take them off by themselves (JD is not a baby and can do this all by himself!) The quick-drying webbing is perfect for splash days at school, or super-hot days on the beach when JD is walking from sand to surf.




Glow-in-the-dark chalk: JD and I are always looking for fun things to do after dinner. We love playing outside, especially in the dark thanks to the Crayola Glow Chalk Maker. JD creates sidewalk art that glows for up to four hours. It’s a fun twilight activity, especially if you’re down at the shore, enjoying the evening and your child is still wide-awake (like mine always is!) Simply mix the colored chalk powder, glow activator and water together, pour into the chalk mold tray and then let the chalk set for 30 minutes to harden (so do this part when it’s still light out). Next, let your kiddo draw until it’s bedtime! (yeeha!)

A wearable swim vest: We have a pool at our condo and JD is a little fish. (He loves the movie Finding Nemo, an amazing single parent/kid movie to explain family dynamics btw.) Can JD swim? Sort of. Am I always in the pool with him when he’s in? You bet. We started off with a vest that was bulky and annoying and made him bob around—no fun. Now we use a Delux Puddle Jumper Swim Vest—a personal flotation device that’s comfy, wearable and safe! It allows for a range of motion and is an awesome swimming teaching tool, because JD can move his arms, kick his feet—and not just bob around! The flotation bands are around the upper arms and across the chest—this provides stability and builds confidence in water.

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What are you obsessed with these days? Share! Have a great weekend! We plan to play in large bodies of water to ward off the heat!

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Full disclosure: Thanks Keen and Crayola for the samples - we love em! I was not paid to write about Keen and Crayola. I purchased the Puddle Jumper Vest. :)