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Top Ranked Christmas Gifts for My Three-Year-Old

I don’t know about you, but my living room looks like a toy store. Come to think of it, my entire 2-bedroom condo looks like a toy store! JD sure did have a great Christmas morning. After the jump I’ll share some photos and rank JD’s top 3 Christmas gifts—I was surprised what he liked best.

JD’s favorite gift is a Disney Pixar Cars Mack truck. It came with a McQueen racecar. The flatbed opens and closes and JD is having a ball filling it up with cars (it holds 3!). It also transforms into a ramp, so the cars slide down. He's been sleeping with it since Christmas morning.

I’d rank Luigi’s Casa Della Tires shop and ramp next. He’s played with this nonstop since Christmas morning. He has all of the Cars characters, so everyone is getting their tires changed. Did I mention we’ve been snowbound since Sunday and I’m apparently the master tire changer? I am.

Coming in at number 3—the Little Tikes play kitchen (Big, HUGE thanks to my brother, Brian for putting this together). I thought JD would go bonkers when he saw this, the bucket of food and the extra pots and pans, but um, he really didn’t. He was more into the phone that came with the kitchen (I joked, are you ordering a pizza?). Now don’t get me wrong, JD has totally been cooking and serving me plates of hot dogs with a side of...donut, but as suspected nothing compares to cars, trucks and ramps in JD’s three-year-old world.

I told my friend, who has a daughter JD’s age that he didn’t go bonkers over his big (most expensive—d’oh!) present and she sighed, “The slinky that cost one buck stole the show Christmas morning in our house!”

It’s so funny, really. I went completely overboard buying JD Christmas presents this year. Books, puzzles, Play-Doh, a V-tech MobiGo (love this!!!) cars, trucks, tons of art stuff—you name it, I easily spent hundreds. It was all worth it, too but if I knew the $16.99 Cars Mack truck would be the main attraction, I may have reeled it in a bit. As a single parent I feel like I always want and need to go above and beyond for my son—I mean, I am Santa—just me. With us snowbound for the past couple of days, I know the above and beyond part is really sitting on the floor changing tiny tires, ordering a plate of plastic carbohydrates (yummers!) painting with clear, gel paint that only turns to color on super cool magic paper and making burgers out of Play-Doh. This is the priceless part. JD and me. Together. Happy.

What was your kid’s favorite holiday gift? Have you been playing and feeling like a kid, yourself these past couple of days?

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Full disclosure: I bought all of these presents. I do not endorse these brands.