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Valentine's Day As A Single Mom

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! As I sat down to write this blog, I started to think about how Valentine’s Day hasn’t been about me in a long time. As a single mom with no main squeeze, this day is all about my son. It’s the first year JD truly gets the Hallmark Holiday, so that means we crafted 26 Valentines for his pre-school friends last night and I planned a special celebration for us!

I admit that I put the Valentine-making off. I was that mom in Target yesterday morning frantically searching for a box of Valentine cards that I could sign JD’s name to 26 times in a row. I wasn’t alone either—there were a cluster of moms with urgent faces thumbing through boxes of cards and balancing 30 containers of Sweethearts in their hands. The card pickings were slim thanks to my last minute shopping trip. JD wanted Lightening McQueen but it was between Barbie (NO) or Circus fun (um, OK). Next we scooted over to the candy section and picked out a bag of M&Ms in regular brown bags not red and pink (they were all gone—whoops!) and a bag of Tootsie Pops.

At home we sat at JD’s little table. I signed his name and he colored on all of the cards with crayons. Then we taped a fun-pack of M&Ms and a pop to the card. I added a curl of red ribbon (leftover from Christmas!). JD couldn't wait to hand out the treats in school and kept asking me, "when, when, when?" Tomorrow, tomorrow, TOMORROW, I said.

He woke up this morning and said, “Mommy, is it Balentine’s Day!” Melt. I gave him his Valentine.

JD is not a candy eater, so I just bought him cars and a DVD—both are cavity-free. He was delighted! I also took him to see Beauty and the Beast at Studio Players in Montclair, NJ yesterday. He loved Blue’s Clues Live (another community theater effort), so I thought a lovey-dovey play was a sweet idea for the occasion. JD loved it, even though the first glimpse of the Beast freaked him out and prompted him to jump in my lap. He stayed in my lap for the whole play and I could smell that soft/powdery shampoo scent and the pretzels he was munching on—so sweet!

When I pick JD up from school later we’ll head to our favorite diner and have breakfast for dinner. That’s my Valentine’s day. It’s perfect!

What types of Valentines are your kids handing out in school? Did you get your kids a Valentine? Do you have plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other or the kids—or both? Please share! XO

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