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Welcome To Mama's Boy

Hello and welcome to’s newest blog, Mama’s Boy. I’m your regular blogger, Christine Coppa. I’ll be updating on Mondays and Thursdays, so please mark your calendars.

About me: I’m a twenty-nine-year-old single mom and my little mama’s boy is Jack Domenic (I’ll refer to him as “JD” here). He turns three (wow!) on August 30. Some of you may recognize my name as the author of the Target Breakout Book Rattled! It was reviewed in The New York Times on ahem, Father's Day 2009--as a single mom and writer, this is huge! I'm also the founding blogger of Glamour magazine’s Storked! blog (Big hello and thanks to my readers who followed me here). Both the book and blog document my life as a single mom and the abbreviated version is this:

When I was 26, I was living in NYC with two roommates I met on, wearing shoes I couldn’t exactly afford and working in the magazine industry. I met a nice guy named A and we entered into a committed relationship. I had it all--and I was about to get more--a lot more! Just three months later (GASP, I know!)--we discovered we were pregnant. We decided to continue the pregnancy and figure things out, but then A bailed on the 12-week-sonogram and decided he wasn’t going to participate further--GULP.  

So, I unassumingly entered into single motherhood without a clue, but it’s been almost three years--years filled with a bubbly, warm feeling of happiness I didn’t know existed, a book tour that took me to the West Coast and back (with my mama’s boy in tow of course), daycare scenarios, Matchbox cars turning up in every corner of my…life (the bathtub, my Marc Jacobs bag, between my bed sheets). I’ve gained a lot of knowledge, tricks of the trade and I continue to learn more and more every second on this single mom journey—and I’m going to share it all with you here, namely, I still have it all. In fact, I have more.

Just for you: In honor of my first post on and right in time for some summer reading, Broadway Books is giving away 5 copies of my memoir Rattled! *Win one by entering a six-word mommy memoir (i.e. Smells like cookies and dirt galore!) in the comments section here. I'll judge and on June 7 I will announce the winner by screen name and an editor at will follow-up via email to request your mailing address.

I’m so happy to be here and look forward to getting to know you. Speaking of you--who are you? Are you a single mom? A long-time Storked! reader? How old are your kiddos? Please share, share, share! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

*Official rules: To enter, leave a comment below. Five (5) winners will be selected based on their answers. Duplicate or inappropriate responses will be disregarded and/or deleted. Only logged in members are eligible for this contest. Winners will be announced Monday, June 7.