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What A Weekend Looks Like When You're A Single Mom

I had a busy weekend—or should I say, JD did! Which is pretty much the way things go these days. After work on Friday, I picked JD up from school and we came home, played, cooked homemade mac ‘n cheese with broccoli, played more and did BBB (bath-books-bed). My Facebook statuses pretty much explain the rest of our weekend. After the jump, I’ll share ‘em.

Friday, 6:58 PM: Wow, JD dropped a giant cup of juice within 2 minutes of getting home from school.

Friday, 10:02 PM: 20/20 Learn if ur kid will grow up to kill. Joy.

Saturday, 7:25 AM: Why am I awake? [Note: I was awake because JD wanted pancakes and cartoons.]

Saturday, 11:32 AM: Winter Festival @ JD’s school.

Was at the winter festival for 2 hours. JD had a blast jumping in the bounce house, making a snowman out of pretzel sticks and marshmallows and participating in the magic show. Afterwards we went to Vinny’s for pizza. JD raced Matchbox cars on the booth and took bites every time I made him. Then we went home.

Saturday, 3:45 PM: I’m watching MTV's Teen Mom 2 while JD naps. This is insane. (Got 23 comments under this status!)

Read Tips for Teen Moms.

JD wakes up. We play and we eat leftover chicken and peppers for dinner.

Saturday, 6:41 PM: JD wants ice cream. It’s 4 degrees out. Guess who’s winning this debate?

Saturday, 7:24 PM: JD Won.

We went to Dairy Queen. JD ordered soft serve vanilla with sprinkles and gummy bears. I ate half of it. Then we went next door to PetCo. We don’t have a pet. JD wanted to see the fish and birds and (ew) ferrets. We stayed there for a half-hour. PetCo guy let JD feed the fish. Fish food stinks. Back at home, it was BBB and we both went to sleep.

Sunday, 8:32 AM: Little Gym Bday party for JD this AM.

Sunday, 8:59 AM:’s Mama’s Boy and Rattled! in the news!

JD and I had so much fun at the bday party. While the kids ate cupcakes, JD’s friend, Peter’s dad, discovers I am a single mom in our conversation and says, “Wow, I give you so much credit. You’re awesome.” I smile. I don’t consider myself to be doing anything more than the next mom, but it was nice for a married dad with a partner in crime, his wife, to acknowledge that his wife was getting a break, while he was the chaperone at the bday party. I appreciated that.

After the party, JD and I went grocery shopping. JD proceeded to eat a container of watermelon while we shopped. Lady gave me weird look at checkout—what!? I paid for it!

When we got home JD had a meltdown because he realized he was exhausted from the bday party. He went down for a nap. I did dishes, folded laundry, made my bed and worked in my office for the two hours he slept (I really wanted to watch Lifetime.)

When he woke up we went to my Dad’s for dinner.

Sunday, 8:49 PM: Had dinner at my Dad’s tonight. He sent me home with 30 lbs. of chicken, pasta, broccoli rabe—even bread and fruit. The man is concerned abt my cooking skills. Clearly.

Did BBB (bed-bath-book) with JD and he was asleep by 9:30 PM.

Last status of Sunday. I love Nat Port. (Yep, I watched the Golden Globes in my bed. With one glass of red. Sexy.)

So this was one weekend. One weekend in the life of a single mom. A single mom, raising a little boy alone, with no nights or weekends off. I’m not going to lie. A lot of my weekends look like this—it’s great and overwhelming and I know I’ll always look back on them and think, I did this. ME. I hope JD will look back and know that too. Know that I was always there for him and always will be. You were always FIRST, JD.

I wonder what my weekend will be like this time around? Date? Drinks? Brunch in NYC? .....

Well, I just posted this on my Facebook: Live in North NJ? You have to come to Blue's Clues Live this Saturday at 1 P.M. JD and I will be there! So, say hi if you see us!

My life is about my son. I’m like Horton Hatches The Egg. “I said what I meant and I meant what I said.”

How was your weekend? As a single parent, does your weekend look like mine, too?

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