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When Was The Last Time You Said Thank You To Your Kid's Teacher?

I was rushing on Friday to get JD to school, so I could get to a new freelance job. I usually drop him off at 9 AM, but now it’s more like 7:30 AM. There were a lot of kids in his classroom so I didn’t feel too bad about the extra early drop-off. When we walked in I smiled at his teacher Miss *Lily and said hello. JD hid behind me and wrapped his arms around my legs. I dropped his lunch in the warm-up bin and walked over to his cubby to help him take off his jacket, hat and gloves. Next, I set out a little bowl of KIX cereal, some fresh berries and a juice box on the table and told JD to sit with his friends and have a breakfast party! JD ate a pancake and drank a cup of milk at home, so I wasn’t surprised when he ran off to the block area. I smiled at Miss Lily and shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe you can get him to eat something,” I said as I walked over to the block area to give JD a kiss (a million kisses) goodbye.

“No prob!” Miss Lily said.

“OK, thanks so much for everything and have a nice day,” I said to Miss Lily and turned to leave, but she stopped me.

“I just want to say thank you for always saying thank you to me. You say it every, single time you drop JD off and I want you to know it’s not something I hear too often,” said Miss Lily.

“Of course! You are his teacher! An amazing person I am so grateful for!” I said and left for work. 7 Healthy School Lunch Options.


On the thirty-minute drive to the office I thought about what Miss Lily said about not hearing thank you so much and I really couldn’t believe it. For me, Miss Lily and JD’s other teacher Miss *Dana are extensions of me. These are the women who read to my son, paint with him, teach him his ABC’s and 123’s. They hug him when he is sad or just because, they set out his lunch and tell him to gobble up his food and they cover him with his blanket at naptime. JD is potty-trained, but these women wipe his little tush if needed and help him fasten his pants. These women do this for all the kids in the classroom and it's not easy because sometimes I get overwhelmed doing it alone with one kiddo. Maybe it's the single mom in me, but I should add a hug to my thank you next time. A bouquet of flowers, even!


Because of this new, temporary freelance gig (it's an 8-week gig styling several fashion photo shoots) JD is at school from 7:30 AM until 5:40 PM three-days-a-week. That is a long stretch to be away from me and I feel guilty about that, but I don’t feel anxious or worried, because my son goes to an ahhhhh-mazing school. Not only is the staff incredible with the students, providing a loving and stimulating environment, but they are amazing to the parents. A few weeks ago there was a delayed opening because of a storm and the director set out bagels and coffee for the parents at drop-off—how thoughtful!


Saying thank you and being polite is always the right thing to do (and an excellent example to set for our children), but I say thank you to JD's teachers because not only do I really, really mean it, but let's face it, they are taking care of and teaching the most important person in my life. For 11-hours-a-day. This matters to me. It matters foremost. My relationships with JD's teachers are the most important.

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Do your kids go to daycare or pre-school? When was the last time you said thank you? Say THANK YOU. Just because. Do it.

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