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You Know You're A Mom When...

Hello, I just got back from a fashion event in New York City where a publicist said I looked like I was 18 and couldn’t be a mom (I love her). However, I am a mom! Here, 11 things that prove it:  

1. Someone says “you smell amazing” and you realize they are totally getting a whiff of the anti-lice rosemary leave-in conditioning spray you compulsively spray in your hair thanks to that preschool note.

2. You turn on the TV and it’s automatically on a cartoon channel.

3. You never leave home without antibacterial wipes, a juice box and snack.

4. The pediatrician is on speed-dial.

5. Your feet have been injured by Lego. Multiple times.

6. You’re a human tissue.

7. You know the name of Elmo’s fish and prevail at bar trivia as a result.

8. You say “No” a lot. (And these other things on a daily basis.)

9. When you’re eating sushi your child warns you that Mater hurt his tongue eating too much wasabi.

10. Other kids think your name is “Jack’s Mom.”

11. You spend real time looking for a Lego man's torso. HIS TORSO. And you get really excited, like, I published a book excited (!!!) when you find that itty-bitty piece of plastic. Score!!!

Share some of your own you know you're a mom moments!

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