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Hung-Over Single Mommy

I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to hang out with my friends more. So, on Friday night my mom babysat and offered to sleep over (Score!!!). She told me to go out and have fun! I’ll be honest, I did have fun and it’s because 1. I had a designated driver and 2. My mom was staying over (= I wasn’t paying a sitter, so I was in NO rush to get home).

When Cristina Facebook messaged me during the week with the idea to get together, she asked if we should bring the kids and I quickly wrote back, NO and NO chain restaurants—haha! What!? I’m with JD 24/7 and we eat at diners a lot. Everyone agreed on no kids and yes, a place that didn’t come with a kiddy menu. We made a reservation at Portobello’s in Oakland for Friday at 7 PM.

When the waiter came over to take our drink order no one skipped a beat: Appletini, Bellini, Merlot and a dirty martini for me. We sipped our drinks and ate good food like calamari, filet mignon and penne vodka. When the waiter came back to check on our drinks we ordered another round (my Appletini friend didn’t because she was driving us home and currently breastfeeding). By the time my second dirty martini arrived I was already feeling the first one. I was giggling with my girlfriends, recounting high school stories and fine, OK, giving my friend, Renee potty-training tips. After the meal we made our way to the lounge to talk more and listen to music. But I persuaded everyone to get another drink and opened a tab (I think the two drinks in me opened that tab—d’oh!). I sipped a vodka soda and was at this point, feeling Ahhhh-mazing! I looked around and smiled at cute guys and flipped my hair that was cascading down my back and not in a convenient mom ponytail or equally convenient chic bun and headband. It was approaching 10:30 PM and my friends had husbands and children under 3 to get home too (they said it, not me!). I don’t have a husband. My son was fast asleep under the watchful eye of my mom.

I wasn’t going home.

I texted my girlfriend, Krista, who was out at a local bar with her brother and some random people I knew from high school. Liss dropped me off there and Krista said she’d bring me home. I walked in and smelled that familiar beer/bar smell. The music was pumping. I made the rounds saying hello to people I haven’t seen in years and Krista handed me a beer. I was three vodka drinks in, but drank the beer anyway. Bad move. We ended up traveling to another bar where I thankfully ordered WATER. But it was too late. I was drunk, laughing, carefree and really, truly enjoying myself with my guard down. By the time I got home it was 2 AM. I cannot remember the last time I stayed out until 2 AM. I mean, 2 AM is around the time JD comes into my room to tell me he’s thirsty or needs “Mommybed.”

I managed to wash my face and apply night and eye cream (which is kind of a law when you’re 30). The next morning I woke up around 8 AM to the sound of cartoons and JD’s little, squeaky voice. He was playing cars with my mom and I later learned he had her up at 6 AM. I didn’t move from my bed. I couldn’t. I felt like death. When I did sit up I got dizzy and felt pukey and fell back into my pillows. But, I couldn’t stay there for long. I was taking my mom and JD to Blue’s Clues Live. Kill me. When I finally emerged from my room, JD came running towards me and I picked him up and kissed him as usual. I wasn’t going to let my kid know I was hung-over and I was. Bad. I drank a gallon of water and took a shower. I thought seriously about puking. I put on makeup. My head pounded. I was exhausted. Blue’s Clues Live was the LAST place I wanted or needed to be. I packed a sippy cup and a bag of pretzels for JD and we were off. The sun was bright. Really, really bright. I felt nauseous and chomped on a piece of mint gum.

At the show, I sunk into my chair, but didn’t stay in a crappy hung-over state for long. I couldn’t. The show was interactive and seeing my son on the edge of his seat, with his little mouth open in amazement kicked my hangover to the curb. Soon I was clapping my hands and singing along. I was back in mommy-mode and loving it. When we got home, JD was ready for a nap and so was I.

It was a great night, I won’t lie. But, next time I’m sticking to one beer, slow and steady. Maybe, even a diet coke, because the real fun was being out with adults. I don’t have time to be hung-over. I’m JD’s mom.

Tell me, do you find it hard to go out and cut loose because you can’t sleep in the next day? Have you ever been hung-over in the presence of your kids? Share, don’t be shy— we’ve all been there and it’s OK! XO

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Live in North NJ? Go see Blue's Clues Live.