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It's My 31st Birthday Weekend: Then & Now

What are you doing this weekend darlings? My weekend started at 5 PM today when I left a freelance magazine job in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. I hopped into my Jeep, turned on some Adele and drove the thirty-minute drive to JD’s preschool—bliss. The crisp breeze whipped through the cracked window. A stretch of black sky was endless and before me—and I was alone with my thoughts. Thoughts including JD's father sending flowers to my office on my 26th bday. I was working FT at the mag I am freelancing at now. Everything is familiar and relevant—and like a dream, really. The dinner in Brooklyn, the wine. The trip to the Brooklyn museum where we held hands and looked over and over at an Annie Leibovitz exhibit. Strolling around Books of Wonder (a store our son would one day love—he's been many times) and eating cherry pie. I was pregnant. We didn't know yet. I was just "fluish."

Whoosh, the cold air hit me when I opened the door. Beep-Beep, I locked the doors. At school, JD ran so fast into my arms I almost fell over. No longer alone with my thoughts. "*Danny bonked me in the nose today, Mommy!" JD said.

When we got home we washed up and changed into our PJs. I cooked up some grilled cheese sandwiches (mine with tuna) and nooked some homemade soup. I put on some jazz music, lit the pine scented candle, JD plugged in the Christmas tree and we dined—well as you know, JD wandered and dined. But dined he did, on half a grilled cheese sandwich, a big bowl of chicken-carrot-noodle soup and so many little cherry tomatoes—and so many honey Teddy Grahams.

Next I addressed our Christmas cards and JD did all of the stamps. We delivered some in socks to our neighbors and tossed the rest in the outgoing mail bin in our building. Back upstairs we played blocks, balloon volleyball, watched Dora save 3 pigs on an adventure with Boots and read How Rocket Learned To Read. JD was in bed by 8:30 PM and I was sipping some red alone, back with my thoughts. I'll fold laundry that's been in the dryer for two days before getting in my bed.

Tomorrow is a busyBEE day. JD needs a haircut. We have to go to the farmer’s market, grocery store and Target. I need to buy my Mom, Dad and brothers Christmas gifts + a little something for my friends’ kids. I want to get a mani—we'll see, ha. I also have a babysitter coming in the evening, because I turn the big...26 31 on Monday! My friends and I decided on a low-key evening at a local bar. I’m excited for drinks and conversation. (When I turned 27 JD was just three-months-old. We went to The Met in NYC. ) This year JD claims to be making me a My Little Pony cake with my Mom. My mom is coming over on my birthday. She is getting JD early from school. I do adore My Little Pony.

On Sunday, JD and I are meeting our friends to see Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-wrecked. Other than what I noted, you can count on us relaxing, watching Cars 2 (given) cleaning, wrapping gifts and doing laundry. And I suppose thoughts will come and go—they always do.

What are you doing this weekend? Have a great one! XO

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