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Pfizer Birth Control Pill Recall (OMG): What Type Of BC Do You Take?

Holy Moly! Did you hear about the Pfizer birth control pill recall? Not for nothing—this is more upsetting to me than Tylenol recalling its baby fever meds. Welcome Pfizer babies! Baby Boom! Bang? Bad!?

If you’ve been reading my blog since July 2007, you know that JD’s father and I were in a committed relationship and one night we had unprotected sex. I was not taking birth control pills (he was aware) and he didn’t wear a condom (um, he was DEF aware). It was not smart. It was dumb and frankly, I didn’t think about taking Plan B because of where I was in my cycle. It was the first week of December, 2006. Cold, grey, yellow taxi cabs, Christmas lights, hand holding in fuzzy pockets, sleepovers, cuddles, warm breath kisses, butterflies, falling in love, margaritas, movies, under duvet days, silly texting, subway rides, date night, longing, excited, confusion, chaos, scared, happy, lonely, ready, not ready, ready, ready, ready, willing, not willing, pushing, pushing away, pullling back in, hoping, freaking, hormones...LIFE. OH LIFE!

We had just come from his boss’ holiday party. We were wildly obsessed with each other—it WAS a two-way street. Our romance was fast, intense and it changed MY life. He left in March 2007. JD arrived in August 2007. Here I am. Here we are.

Now I take birth control pills, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t start right away. On my first visit to the OB-GYN after giving birth to JD, my doc asked what I wanted. Um, I was single and S-E-X was NOT something I was thinking about. I did in fact have a dry spell (blushing), but these days, I’m a confident, dating, normal (?) 31-year-old woman. I take a brand name pill. It has only 4 placebos. I LOVE it. I barely bleed, never get PMS and well, I’m protected, right? But you better believe I had a mini panic attack when I read about the Pfizer recall and googled my brand name pill. Twice. Luckily it’s manufactured by a completely different company and luckily, I use backup in addition to the pill. What can I say, I am a paranoid, don’t-want-to-get-pregnant-until-I’m-married-gal now. I'm the girl that screams, 'Ah, I'm on the pill, get a condom NOW,' before anything goes down. It's a comedy act (blushing!) And despite my duel protection, I am the gal who freaks, calls her girlfriend and pees on a stick for no reason at all. NO. REASON. AT. ALL. Para-para-PARANOID.

I bet there are plenty of women who took 911 pregnancy tests this week, swallowed Plan B One-Step and plain old freaked out after reading about this Pfizer #$%@!-UP (recall). And I imagine some women scheduled abortions. The whole point of birth control is to prevent ovulation, to prevent pregnancy! Birth control pills are not supposed to be in the GOTCHA category of life! I am saddened and horrified by Pfizer’s blooper!

How do you feel about the Pfizer Birth Control Pill recall? What type of BC do you use? Do you take/use BC + require your man to wear a condom? (DO IT!) Single mamas, I so want to hear from you! XO

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