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Things I Can't Help Saying To My Kid On A Daily Basis

JD is 4, almost 5. Life is interesting these days. One minute he's a blond, wide-eyed angel, next he's a karate-chopping maniac with a 'tude. As a result, the following things come out of my mouth on a daily basis. Here goes (no shame!)...

What are you doing? Why. Why. Why. Really? Wow!

No, no. no.

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.

Eat this. Take another bite.

Cartoon Network was disconnected from our TV. I can't help you. No, Poppy can't help either.

Clean up these Lego blocks or I’m throwing them out.

Wash your hands. Seriously, with soap too. They don't smell like soap. Back to the bathroom. Now.

Can I have my iPhone back? I’ll trade you for your iPod Touch. Give me my phone. (I do not endorse Apple for products or profit)

Go to bed. You already had a drink. I read you 17 books. You just peed.

Put on your sneakers. You do know how. Fine, don’t wear sneakers today, but your socks might get dirty. Now you're not wearing socks? LOL.

Where’s that cup you were just drinking from?

I don't know what yellow and black make. A bee? They don't make another legit color in real life, bud.

I love you more than anyone. Ever.

What things do you say on a daily basis to your child(ren)? Have a great weekend! Ours is full: QT with my Mom, Date, Girls Night, T-Ball, Parties, Sunshine!

T G I F!!!

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