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Will Amanda Knox Walk Free? YES SHE WILL!!!

Update: KNOX IS FREE!!

JD is very, very sick, so I’m working from home and waiting to hear if Amanda Knox will be acquitted of murdering her British roommate, Meredith Kercher on November 1, 2007. I keep googling "Amanda Knox" and have CNN on. Anyone reading this blog who is also my Facebook friend knows I am obsessed with this case and believe Knox is innocent of murder, but guilty of being naive and trusting. And this worries me, because I am a mother and one day my child will want to visit another country for Spring Break and study abroad and I will have this case in my head. I will wonder, will my child be OK in another country where his American rights don't matter? I will be THAT mom. But, nonetheless, my child will see this world on his OWN two feet and that is because, yes, I am a mother. A mother who wants her son to experience life, love, culture, languages, art, food, freedom. FREEDOM.

JD was two-months-old when Meredith Kercher was brutally murdered in the cottage she shared with three other women. I was living in a one-bedroom apartment and I remember watching this all unfold while I rocked JD and even back then, I thought, Knox did not murder her roommate. But then she was arrested and sentenced to 26 years in prison. Her then lover of just six days at the time of the murder, Raffaele Sollecito was also convicted and got 25 years. The third and only guilty party in this case is Rudy Guede. It is his DNA that was in the murder room, on and inside Kercher’s body. There is no DNA linking Knox or Sollecito to the murder of Meredith Kercher. There was a time when Knox’s DNA and Kercher’s blood was said to be on a random knife the police declared the murder weapon, but experts testified it was RYE BREAD. Sollecito’s DNA was found on a bra-clasp that was left at the murder scene for 45 days. This was also thrown out. There is no forensic evidence against the two. None. Not even a hair.

This sloppy police work forced a prosecutor who needed to save face, to concoct a murder story that entailed sex and drugs, naming Knox the ringleader and Sollecito her puppy who would do anything to please her. Guede opted for a fast track trial, plead guilty and got 30 years. His sentence was reduced to 16 after he implicated Knox and Sollecito (or went along with the corrupt murder theory).

I’ve been following the case, trial and appeals trial for four years. My position on Knox’s innocence has always remained the same. It is simply impossible to take part in a bloody murder and not leave a trace of DNA. It is impossible to clean up your DNA from a murder scene, but leave Guede’s behind. There is one killer. Guede was in the process of robbing the cottage. Kercher came home and surprised him. He murdered her and fled the country.

My last name is Coppa so I am assuming that you realize I am in fact Italian. I have never been to Italy and I don’t care to visit the country BECAUSE of the Knox case -- It's a disgrace. This is where I am right now. It could change. I think this has a lot to do with being a parent and feeling the pain, hopelessness and helplessness that Knox’s very modern family feels.

Knox’s mother, Edda Mallas is married to Chris Mallas. Curt Knox is married to Cassandra Knox and has two daughters (with with her), Ashley and Delaney who are Amanda’s half-siblings. When Edda and Curt divorced, Curt decided to purchase a home in the same neighborhood Amanda and her younger sister Deanna would live with Edda. It wasn’t always the best of times, but Curt was an active and loving father to ALL of his children -- 4 in total. To that same note, Chris Mallas, an IT professional, moved to Perugia, Italy in 2008 to be near Amanda. When asked about his move he said: “You don’t leave your kid alone in a prison on the other side of the world.”


Both fathers are remarkable examples of stand-up men.

Free Knox. And back to googling and tapping my fingers on my knees.

What are your opinions on the case? Is Knox innocent?

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