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Action Alerts – Help for Rural Schools

1. Urge your Senators to support S 567, the bill to reauthorize REAP and to reauthorize the Craig/Wyden bill or the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act.  Demand fair compensation for the loss of economic growth opportunities for states with a large majority of federal national parks and forest land!  Also, we need to make sure the money distributed to the states goes to the counties/communities/schools with the greatest needs and the largest loss of revenue.

Click here for information on how to contact your representatives. 

2. Contact Ty Pennington, ABC and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team on Facebook, Twitteremail or any way you can think of.  We are trying to convince them to make over Mackay Elementary School.  With budget cuts to education – Extreme Makeover “School” Edition would be a huge success and could help so many of the nation’s small rural schools struggling to find the funding for basic repairs and educational supplies.  Let’s sell ABC on the idea.

Candice Larsen is the 2011 Mom Congress delegate from Idaho.  She lives with her husband, an elementary school principal, and five children in a small rural community where she strives to bring financial aid and other resources to improve their struggling school.