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Featured Teacher - Tiffany Duncan

I'd like to recommend my son's 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Tiffany Duncan. She teaches in Lorton, VA, at Laurel Hill Elementary School.

Mrs. Duncan has an amazing grasp of technology and how it will apply to her students' futures, she understands each of her students' interests and passions, and she helps them capitalize on their strengths and grow as individuals.

During the second quarter, Mrs. Duncan had students come in dressed up and prepared to interview with her for classroom jobs. She hired them based on their interests, as well as where she thought they had potential. My son is their technology expert and it's his job to take care of all the classroom computers, ecart, overhead projecter, etc. He takes his job very seriously and has gained an enormous amount of confidence as the "classroom computer expert." They receive merit increases based on their performance and they can use their salary to purchase items in the classroom store. They are learning so much about economics and the real world.

She is also very tech savvy and is a technology leader in third grade - her students all take tests on the Sentio, the computer, or ecart. Her students have taught the other third grade classes about how to use this technology and they are learning how to responsibly use computers for research, projects, papers, etc.

Mrs. Duncan expects a lot from her students, but she is teaching them real life lessons every day, and because of her thoughtful ways with the kids, she easily commands their respect. She is truly an amazing teacher.

Christine Morin is the 2010 Mom Congress Delegate from Virginia.

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