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Camp Educate

Photo Courtesy of Cushon Bell

Earlier this year, I shared a blog post that included the following…

“A parent-led group called Educate Our State is doing great things to unite, empower, and mobilize parent groups throughout California.  They’re building a network of like-minded parents, non-profits, and organizations committed to making sure that California provides its children with high-quality and appropriately-funded public education.”

“The resolve is there and the political will of parents is growing each day.  It’s in challenging times and in the face of adversity that we grow.  If we can continue to educate ourselves, work with one another, and thoughtfully engage for the good of our children there will be more great things to report on in days to come.”

It’s been four months since I shared that post and I am thrilled to now share that parent leaders from San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and cities & towns in between are heading to camp – Camp Educate!  The press release follows:

Fed Up parents “camp out” for better schools

San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA – September 21, 2011– Outraged with a system that is failing their kids, parents are “camping out” and training themselves to better advocate for California public schools.

Now that their kids have headed back to school, the grassroots, parent-led group, Educate Our State, plans to send their parents to camp. "Camp Educate" is a two day training session to help ordinary parent leaders become extraordinary parent advocates for our state's public school system.

"We're tired of waiting for politicians and education reformers to solve our schools problems," says Crystal Brown, co-founder of Educate Our State. "The time has come for parents to unite from one end of the state to the other and demand high-quality public education for all of our children."

Already plagued by some of the lowest education funding levels and student achievement levels in the country, California faces additional massive funding cuts this spring unless the state’s economy turns around in the next two months.

The two-year-old non-profit plans its first inaugural “Camp Educate” in Los Angeles, November 11-13 to show parents how to build a grassroots movement to demand high quality education for every child in California.

Training sessions will include such topics as: using social media tools to build and grow the movement, developing organizing skills and techniques to engage parents and community members, and creating local networks of like-minded parents looking for change.

Educate Our State has partnered with the New Organizing Institute (NOI), a dynamic training and education organization whose mission is to inspire democracy in action through engagement organizing. NOI-trained Educate Our State leaders and other parent advocates will facilitate Camp Educate’s training and information sessions.

“No matter what your politics are, public education is the civil rights issue of our era,” says event co-organizer Teri Levy, adding that participants should sign up before October 1st. “Come to Camp Educate if you want to make a difference for every child in California.”

If you have friends and family in California that care about public education, please make sure that they know about Educate Our State and Camp Educate. The conference application for Camp Educate can be found at

Educate Our State – our kids can’t wait!

As a student, an elementary school teacher, and now as a parent, Cushon Bell (CA 2011) has had a lifelong connection to California public schools.  A wife and mother of three, Cushon is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles and earned a teaching credential at California State University, Dominguez Hills.  Cushon is a recent addition to the Educate Our State team.