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Kathryn Thompson

What does it mean to have a family-friendly school?  How do you get comfortable building a relationship with your child's teacher?  How do you know if your child is on track to succeed?   Many families are overwhelmed trying to understand and keep up with everything going on at school.  Imagine how hard it is if English isn't your first language, or if you had a tough time in school yourself.  Parent Information and Resource Centers (PIRC) help families in many ways -- by working directly with teachers and administrators to make sure school is a welcoming place to all families and by providing training and critical information to help families understand school, and how to more effectively support their children.  PIRCs help families to understand why family involvement matters, what their rights are and how to successfully partner with schools.

Funding for ALL STATE Parent Information Resource Centers (PIRC) is on the chopping block and it's not looking good. We only have until May 15th -- after that it's too late!  This is the ONLY source of federal funding dedicated to engaging families in their children's education.  In my home state of Vermont, it's a critical resource.   Please contact your federal delegation and Secretary Arne Duncan to fight for this very important resource for families!  

Contact Secretary Arne Duncan:
Federal Office Building 6
400 Maryland Avenue
Washington, DC 20202
Phone: (202) 401-3000

Follow this link to look up your legislator.

Find out what your State PIRC is doing, and what's at stake.

The website for the Kentucky PIRC has lots of good information about what a PIRC does.

Dawn Moskowitz is the 2010 Mom Congress delegate from Vermont.