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The Power and Potential of Parent Advocates

Last May, I had the pleasure of meeting 51 exceptional moms who are all dedicated to education reform at the inaugural Mom Congress event in Washington, DC. They represented each state, each with a different voice, but in unison demanding a better school system, better learning environments and better lunch programs to grow healthy minds and bodies – not only for their own children, but for every child.

Since then, thousands of moms have joined the Mom Congress online network, where they too advocate for change in their local schools. Recently, KinderCare Learning Centers teamed up with Mom Congress to recognize one outstanding mom with the Mom Achievement Award for her efforts to help transform education.

Many change agents wrote in to share how their advocacy efforts have made a difference. From active PTA involvement and letter writing campaigns to local and state government leaders to protecting funding for public education and zealous crusades for more stable and supportive learning environments, I was amazed by their dedication and perseverance.

With so many incredible stories, it was difficult to choose just one. But, Kentucky mom Brenda Martin inspired us with her efforts. As homeroom mom, president of NE Kentucky PTA, president of NE Kentucky Association for Gifted Education, and a Commonwealth Institute Parent Leadership Fellow, she has dedicated her life to improving education in her hometown, Russell.  Her rally cry, to “transform our schools into more cohesive communities, making life-long learning a joy, a privilege, an expectation and a reality for ALL children” is one that truly embodies the spirit of the Mom Achievement Award.

I applaud every Mom Congress member and I am moved by the power and potential that every parent has to advocate for change. Together, our voices and actions will transform the future.

As the Executive VP of Knowledge Universe, Dr. Elanna S. Yalow, Ph.D., M.B.A. is responsible for supporting the global expansion of early childhood education programs.  She is also a member of the Mom Congress Advisory Board.

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