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Florida's STEM Programs: Science Roadshows for Kids

Cristobal Herrera of the Miami Herald

What's one thing that's going right in Florida?

Science Roadshows!  My Science National Honor Society members present Science Roadshows to our local elementary schools.  The high school students visit the elementary schools in the evenings and provide four hands-on, inquiry-based science activities to elementary students and their families.  The science activities are designed for two groups:  K-2 and 3-5.  Each of the four activities teach physics, chemistry, environmental science, and biology using household products that can be purchased at local grocery and hardware stores.  

Plus: The Importance of Hands On Science Activities

The intent of these activities is to motivate young children to enjoy science, to engage parents to offer these science activities at home, and to demonstrate to elementary teachers that science lessons can be integrated into their daily curriculums across various disciplines.  The high school students earn community service hours and the elementary students learn science.  It's a win-win situation for all!  

Plus: Cool Science Toys for Kids

Science must be taught as early as kindergarden if not earlier.  If we look at American colleges and universities and identify who are our science and engineering majors are, unfortunately, they are not Americans.  This is a threat to both our national security and democracy.  We need to begin early turning youngs minds onto scientific thinking!  Waiting until middle school years to introduce daily science lessons is too late.  We must re-structure elementary education programs to integrate science vocabulary and curriculum into the daily reading, writing, and math lessons.

Plus: Fun Science Experiments for Kids

As a mother of three, a wife, a science teacher, an administrator, a college professor, a tennis coach, a sponsor of Future Educators of America and Science National Honor Society and Girl Scout leader, 2011 Florida delegate Dr. Marilyn Zaragoza is an achiever, successfully balancing many different hats.