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Spunky 9-Year-Old Girl Grades School Lunch

Parents are often lamenting the sorry state of school lunch, but aside from memories of cold pizza and limp green beans, they have little day-to-day experience to go on. That is where an amazing 9-year-old comes in. Scottish grade school student Martha Payne created a blog—NeverSeconds—devoted to reviewing the daily fare served up at her school's cafeteria, reports Yahoo.

With the help of her dad, Martha photographs her lunch trays and rates them on a Zagat-style system in the following categories: food-o-meter (how delicious it is), mouthfuls (how many bites it takes to finish the meal, though she loses count when popsicles are for dessert), health, courses, and pieces of hair—yes, human hair found on the trays. Martha also includes photos of lunch trays sent to her from around the world and she times how long it takes her to find the cities on a map—the most recent meal is from Yokohama, Japan, which took her 33 seconds to find!

But the endeavor isn't meant to be purely educational. "The good thing about this blog is Dad understands why I am hungry when I get home," Martha writes. The blog has also attracted the attention of celebrity chef and healthy school lunch advocate Jamie Oliver, who posted the link to the blog on his Twitter. The exposure earned Martha half-a-million page views (and an autographed cookbook by Oliver). It has also inspired healthy reforms in her school, such as unlimited salads, fruit and bread for the students. “I'm really happy that all of my friends can help themselves to good stuff,” Martha says of the change.

How aware are you of what your child eats for lunch? Does he come home hungry after school?