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LOL Video: Parents Celebrate End of School Year with Flash Mob

Brenton Collins

Oh, if only we had a nickel for every time we read a story about Park Slope parents doing zany things! A group of such parents decided to surprise the summer-ready kiddos of P.S. 10 in Brooklyn with a hilariously choreographed performance-turned-free-for-all-dance-party, reports theFW.

The routine begins with the adults strutting around to opera in a way that resembles an interperative dance (the rise and fall of the inflatable beach balls might symbolize the beginning and ending of summer...or something!), but they quickly break it down to some LMFAO before pulling the children from the audience to join them. Going by the reactions, the kids loved it—just check out that wide grin on the little boy at the 2:59 mark!

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What is the craziest thing you’ve seen the parents do—collectively—at your child’s school?

P.S.10 Flash Mob 6-19-2012 (Official) from Benton Collins on Vimeo.