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Mom Congress: More testing mayhem

Readers of Parenting School Years know that Mom Congress has been beating the drum to fix No Child Left Behind and it's over-reliance on standardized tests. So when I saw the op-ed in the New York Times today written by Todd Farley, a testing-industry insider, I just had to share it. You should have the pleasure of reading his piece in its entirety, but just so you know what you're in for, here's a little excerpt:

"A couple of years ago I supervised a statewide reading assessment test. My colleague and I were relaxing at a pool because we believed we’d already finished scoring all of the tens of thousands of student responses. Then a call from the home office informed us that a couple of dozen unscored tests had been discovered. Because our company’s deadline for returning the tests was that day, my colleague and I had to score them even though we were already well into happy hour."

Farley had the courage to reveal a part of the system most of us would never see. Now it's our turn to do something about it. How has the stress and pressure of testing affected your child and school? Share your story here, and if you haven't already, sign Parenting's petition to fix NCLB once and for all..