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Back to school isn't just for kids.


Learning is in the air.  Each year as I prepare my children for school there is a tinge of envy in me.  I want to go back to school too!  Not to relearn history (not my strong suit) or to endure the stress of tests or pop quizzes or to grapple with the mountains of homework our kids seem to amass these days but just to LEARN!  I have my math facts down, I can speak French (with a little help), and I have a  strong handle on Biology (I'm a P.T.).  I'm talking about the excitement of 'getting' something, applying it and being excited by the results.  The learning I desire these days has to do with how to be a better parent, how to parent to my children's different personality types, how to encourage character traits in my children, how to organize our calendar to make space for meaningful family time among other things.  So, in my typical fashion, I am making a list:  Things I want to learn this year.  Next to each item, I am listing ways that I will accomlish this learning.  (read a book about it, meet with someone else who seems to do it well to learn from their insights, take one day a month to organize our calander to make space for weekly family times.  The main difference between school that I experienced as a child and school right now is that in the school of my childhood the subject matter was externally imposed upon me.  I am grateful for this knowing that if this were not the case I may very well still not know how our government is structured (sometimes I still wonder about this but that's another story).  School for me today has to be self initiated.  If I am to learn, it is up to me to take the intiative to do it.  I am going to learn right alongside my children this year.  I'm excited about it and expect it to bring about positive changes for myself and our family.  I invite you to take the same challenge.  What do you want to learn?  How can you accomplish it?  Let's go 'back to school' too!