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Education starts at home

When I became a mom, my degree in Physical Therapy didn't lend itself to coming up with creative ways to engage with my new child.  Sure I could predict when physical developmental milestones were on the horizon and I could put a band-aid on with the best of them but I quickly discovered my desire for a resource of simple ways to enagage her senses and, as she grew older, to teach her about the world around her.  In the age of the internet we are certainly not for lack of information.  While this is nice, the volume of information can be quite overwhelming.  In a fruitless search to find a simple resource of ideas, I finally decided to create my own.  My motivation was to create a website (productiveparenting) to connect the expertise of early childhood educators with moms like myself who do not have the background in education but still want to provide the best learning environments for our children.  I now feel equipped with the same resources as a teacher without having to go back to school for a second degree.  Being a mom is challenging but coming up with simple ways to engage is no longer a challenge.  This frees me up to spend my time learning about all the other facets of parenthood that still perplex me...more on that after I go help my 2 year old 'uncrinkle' his sleeping bag so he can fall asleep:)  

Emily Rempe is the Ohio Mom Congress delegate.