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Getting ready for school

5 simple ideas to help your kids get excited about school:

1.  Take them (individually if possible) with you to purchase school supplies.  Take them out for a special treat afterwards to tell them how great you kow they are going to do this year and how proud you will be of their efforts. 

2.  Buy a pad of fun paper to write notes in their lunches each day, even if it simply says, 'I think you're great', your child will be affirmed and encouraged.

3.  Make a countdown chain to the start of school with things to look forward to written on each chain (seeing your friends, art class...)

4.  Begin now to affirm the behaviors you expect your children to exemplify in school.  When your child has listened well to you say 'You are such a good listener, I bet your teacher will really apprecaite that.'

5.  At the end of each day the remainder of the summer start to recap the best and hardest parts of their day.  This is a great conversation starter to continue once school begins to understand what your child is experiencing each day.  Try sharing your own successes and challenges as well.

Encourage your children to share their feelings about the upcoming school year and share yours as well.  They want to be understood...just like us! 

Emily Rempe is the co-founder of, a website that provides free educational activities tailored to your baby or young child's developmental stage. She is also the 2010 Mom Congress delegate from Ohio.