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The Good Enough Mom

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You're a good enough mom. When's the last time you've heard this? When's the last time you've thought it yourself? From book covers to advertisements and everything in between, there's an image portrayed that sometimes leaves us feeling that we just don't measure up as moms. Today I'd like to offer an antidote. You're a good enough mom.  

I'm going to make an assumption that you want your children to grow up to become confident adults. The time-tested best way to support this growth is to model it. Give yourself the gift of affirmation and acceptance today. Along with the areas you want to grow in, acknowledge the progress you've already made. Along with the challenges you still face, reflect on the ones you've already surmounted. Just for today, let yourself believe that you are a good enough mom. Perhaps not perfect, but progessing.  At the end of the day, if I’ve done nothing more than model the attributes I hope to grow in my children, including apologizing for times that I’ve messed up, I’ve done more for them than any amount of money could ever buy or class/camp could ever teach.    

Want a challenge for the day? Take your focus off of the behavior of your children and place it on your own. As you model the attributes you wish for in your children, don’t be surprised to see your children reflect them back to you.

From one ‘good enough’ mom to another,


Emily is the founder of Productive Parenting connects the expertise of early childhood educators with parents by providing daily activity suggestions for newborn to five-year-old children. She was also the 2010 Mom Congress delegate from Ohio.