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Simple Summertime Tips to Keep Your Child's School Success From Slipping Away Over the Summer

I was having trouble narrowing down the title of this blog post.  Maybe my writing skills are already starting to slip with the onset of summer!  As this past school year progressed I was amazed at all the new information being introduced and assimilated into my children's little brains.  My two older children just completed kindergartena nd first grade.  Who would have thought last August that they would know how to do beginning fractions and spelling words like November this June?  With every new concept learned I was filled with two emotions.  Pride that my children were catching on to so many new concepts and fear as to how in the world I could keep all of this new information from all slipping away over the summer.  Can anyone relate? 

I wan to share a small success story.  When I say small I really mean small, but a success story nonetheless.  Today was the first weekday of my children's summer.  I have been preparing them for our morning summer routine for a few weeks now but today was the day I would discover how it was really going to 'go over.'  At 9:00am I played a song on the kazoo to let them know our little school was starting in the 'playroom.'  They came running in with their tickets to hole punch showing that they had gotten dressed, brushed their teeth, and cleared the table from breakfast.  After this we did some math fact worksheets for about 6-8 minutes, had show and tell (all children seem to love this), and wrote a sentence about what we were going to do today.  By 9:30am it was outside for exploring some nature, simply turning over some logs and rocks to see what the animals underneath were 'up to' this morning. 

My litmus test as to the success of the morning was measured by this simple fact:  the kids had FUN!  (and so did I).  Keeping your children's intellects up over the summer does not need to be a grueling tug of war.  With a little preparation and some creativity they will be thrilled to be the center of your attention for 20-30 minutes as you review what they've worked so hard to learn this year at school.  The key is to make it fun.  Use a puppet, buy new stickers to reward them with, let them 'play' teacher and teach you,  whatever your children best respond to will make the best approach.  

My fear of this aspect of the summer ahead is quickly fading.  I think it's going to become a great ime of bonding.  I'd love to hear from you as to how you avoid the 'summertime slippage'!  Please share, I still can use all the help I can get:)