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A simple way to measure your impact.

Tara Sgroi

Sometimes I wonder, what exactly do I do in day?  How can my impact be measured?  If there were some kind of an annual, monthly or daily review on my position of 'mom' what criteria would the questions, ratings and scales be based on?  While I did not have an annual review I was recently reminded of my impact on our home and family.  I was sick for a day and a half.  Checked out in my bedroom, all household duties for the weekend were left up to my sweet husband and three children ages 4, 6, and 8.   Here are a few of my non-scientific conclusions.  Pictures drawn with crayons saying 'get well soon' showed me that my kids are learning how to be others focused.  Yellow Daisies brought home form the grovery store assured me that my husband has an equally large impact on our children and how they will treat their future spouses, When I finally made it downstairs, filled with trepidation at what the state of the kitchen might be, I was thankful to see that although the counter tops may not have been shining (or even visible) there were signs of kids having made meals (waffles, and PB/jelly...)playing games with one another and being creative as evidenced by glue, markers, play dough, etc.  It was a nice perspective shift for me to realize that, especially in my absence, my children are growing up to be independent and loving people.  One of the goals of parenting as I see it, is to prepare my children to eventually live confidently and successfully on their own.  While they may not be ready to leave the nest yet (nor am I anywhere ready for them to go) it was reassuring to see that they are, in fact, headed in the right direction!