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A Journey Together


My dear, Xochiltl;    

It is a new year and I can hardly believe that you are in 10th grade this year!  How the time has flown by since the 4th old grade until now.  We started a journey together a long time ago, even before you were born, when your brother and sister began school.  I had promised myself that I would be there for each of you in your schools being involved, learning how to navigate the school system, of my responsibilities as a parent to make your school year successful and developing a partnership with your teachers to have open communication.   I have been learning, myself, how to advocate for your rights and to be your voice to make changes in the school system so you, your brother and sister would get the best education possible to become the leaders we need for our future.

So, my dear, this year I have listed some things I want to do to make your school year successful:

  • First, let’s make a list together of the expectations and goals that we have for this school year and analyze if they are realistic.  I said we because we are doing this together because it is my responsibility to make sure your life is well balanced and still have time to be young.  Like Pre-AP classes - will they be too easy or difficult?  How about the extra-curriculum activities, like Mock Trial, Debate, clubs, drama, etc?
  • Second, I have noticed your excitement this year with an entirely new array of different subjects and opportunities, and how hard you are already working to reach your goals.  I believe in you!  Every day I see a spark in your eyes and a hunger for new knowledge.  I know you can learn and I am here to help you.  Helping you will include getting you to school on time, assuring that you sleep a minimum 7-8 hours a night, providing nutritious meals and assuring that homework is done.  I am here to love you unconditionally and to support you in fulfilling your dreams.  Yes, your dreams; not mine, your father’s or anyone else’s.  This is your time and  your future.  I am here to cry for you when you are frustrated, to jump with joy at your successes or just to talk when you need me.  
  • Third, I will keep learning about city government, school budget cuts and advocating with our local and national legislators for the best educational opportunities for you and all of your classmates.  There are so many other children whose parents do not have a voice because they cannot speak or they do not know their rights.  I will stay involved and protective of our precious resources for the future: The children and you!
  • Fourth, I will set a good example for you to follow.  I cannot expect you to live by standards what I am not living.  We, as your parents, have the big responsibility to demonstrate by example so you can learn to be responsible and accountable, yourself.  I promise, as your mother, that I will be a reliable model for you to follow so you and I can work together to reach your goals and dreams.
  • Finally, I want you to know that you are love, that you are safe and that you are never alone.  Your family, teachers and friends are all proud of you!  Every one of us believes in you and wants you to be successful.  We are your cheerleaders, your support and we are here for you.  Together as a team, we will accomplish the best year of your life. 

With love,



Felisa Hilbert is the 2011 Mom Congress delegate from Oklahoma.  She has always taken an active role in the community, with minority groups, and in her children’s schools, believing that if you educate the parents you also educate the children.

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