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One Million Hours of Power: Just 3 Hours per Guy

Ganda At

We talked to Byron Garrett, Mom Congress Advisor and CEO of the National PTA about the PTA's new initiative, One Million Hours of Power.  Having a male mentor can make measurable positive impact on kids social, physical and educational well-being.

The math is simple: 350,000 men x 3 volunteer hours each = One Million Hours of Power.  And he's not just talking fathers -- he means uncles, grandfathers, mentors and other caring men in your child's life.

Byron gave us 3 tips on getting the guys in your life to commit those three hours:

  1. Just ask!  Don't make the assumption that dads are not interested in being involved. "The number one reason they're not involved is that they're not asked."
  2. Create a schedule with your educator "so you have shared ownership in the process."
  3. Identify time they can spend on campus, whether it's in the classroom or at lunch and recess.  Not only will they get to observe what their kids are doing, but Byron says, "you also get to see who they're interacting with."

For more tips on being (or recruiting) a great volunteer, go to the