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Education Nation - Making a Difference

I’m so excited about Education Nation, being hosted by NBC this week!  Event highlights include a summit with top leaders in education, multi-media coverage on all NBC stations and online outlets, Teacher Town Hall with Brian Williams and interactive exhibits in Rockefeller Plaza. 

There are some incredible representatives out there advocating for our schools, two of whom are Mom Congress delegates Gwen Samuel from CT and Karyn White from NJ, who will be represented tomorrow live on MSNBC!

We hope this incredible conversation and the examples set by the Mom Congress delegates will inspire parents all over to become part of the solution.  There are so many ways that parents and kids in neighborhoods all over the country can become involved with improving education. 

If you’re feeling inspired, here are a few easy volunteer projects which will help improve education within your own school:

  • Support a teacher
  • Mentor a student
  • Start an after school program
  • Plant a garden
  • Paint a classroom
  • Donate books to the school library

Education Nation is focusing on the right issues - reinventing education so that it works.  As parents and community members, let’s join together to become part of the solution - starting with volunteer projects right in our own schools and communities.

Heather Jack is the Massachusetts Mom Congress Delegate and the Founder of The Volunteer Family and The Future Philanthropists program.