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Raising a Socially Responsible Child

Bright Horizons

Last Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to be a speaker on a webinar entitled “Raising a Socially-Responsible Child.”  The webinar was arranged by Bright Horizons, the world’s leading provider of employer-sponsored child care, early education and work/life solutions.   Bright Horizons is the primary sponsor of The Volunteer Family’s operations, which, as many of you know, is the nonprofit that I manage. 

The reason I am blogging about this is because the webinar exceeded all of our expectations – attendance was off the charts and there was incredible conversation and interest around this subject matter.  Because of the amazing response we received from all over the country, I wanted to make the (completely free) webinar link available to Mom Congress members too.

The subject matter of the webinar included the characteristics that we’re all trying to foster in our children – compassion, responsibility, tolerance, respect, and self motivation.  The experts on the webinar, including Ruth Fidino at Bright Horizons, and Peggy Kerr, a director at the West Point Child Learning Center in Pennsylvania, talked about how to teach your children these traits.  We also included the development of social awareness among different age groups of children, steps families can take to foster these traits, and specific ways you can help your child make a difference in the world. 

I frequently hear from parents who are frustrated during the holiday season because of the emphasis on shopping, parties, and materialism.  But it’s also a great time to teach our children (and remind ourselves!) what the holiday season is all about.  We created this webinar in order to give all of you some much needed ideas and inspiration when you may need it the most.  I hope you enjoy it!

Heather Jack is the Massachusetts Mom Congress Delegate and the Founder of The Volunteer Family and the Future Philanthropists program.