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iPads in Schools - What's Working

Sandra Crawford

My daughter’s fourth grade class is using iPads to play the Stock Market Game. So far she’s invested in the movie company behind Hunger Games, Apple computer and Procter and Gamble.  She uses my iPad at home to check her stock performance.  

As with my daughter's classroom, iPads are being used by students in the classroom for learning purposes.

Educators find ways that technology can aid learning. For example, students are using iPads for literature circles using books on Kindle, iBooks, and Google Books. Presentation app, Prezi is making a big impact in classrooms, too. And, interactive whiteboards are gaining in popularity with apps like Screen Chomp and Show Me.

Karen Bosch shares how classrooms are using iPads for learning in an online slideshow with examples such as using the FaceJack app to create biography reports or retelling a story with the Puppet Pals apps. In another article, Mind/Shift shows us A Day in the Life of the iPad Classroom.

Parents, you probably want to know the best learning apps you can use with your kids at home, right? 


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Are your kids using iPads in school? How?