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As You Begin This New School Year


To My Amazing Children:

As you begin this new school year, I want you to know that, as your mom, I am going to make the education you receive and your school environment the best that they can be. I promise to be available to you each night for homework help, and also for some down time in which we can play games, color, or explore outdoors. I will be sure that you get all supplies, permission slips, monies, etc. turned into your teacher on time so that you can fully participate in what the school has to offer you. I vow to be in frequent communications with your teachers, sharing what you are doing well and seeking guidance on how to help you in those areas of struggle.

I will be working hard to get into your schools more often as a volunteer, so that all of those extra after school activities can take place and also to form relationships with your friends' parents. I have already joined the PTA,and will attend the monthly meetings and join committees in which I feel I can contribute new and creative ideas. I will always endeavor to work with your teachers and principals as partners, for I know that we are a team and we are all here to support you as you learn and grow. And you can be sure that I will continue to advocate for quality and developmentally appropriate education, for you and all children.

So as we begin this new school year, remember that I love you more than anything, that I am so proud of what you accomplish each day, and I am always here for you when you need me.

With Love,


(a.k.a. Jennnifer Lavender-Schott)




2011 Michigan delegate Jennifer Lavender-Schott began her fight for better schools with an education degree. She teaches in Detroit and regularly volunteers in her daughter's school.




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