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How (and Why) To Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer

This summer, between trips to the pool and vacationing, you might also want to swing by the library or book store with your kids. Why? A study led at Nevada University concluded that children who come from homes well-stocked with books are likely to to stay in school three years longer than those who don't. The Telegraph says, on the study: "Regular access to books has a direct impact on pupils’ results, irrespective of parents’ own education, occupation and social class, it was claimed." Even having 20 books in your home can make a difference.

One way to get kids reading (and save you some $): Borders book stores has a Double Dog Dare reading program this summer. How it works: Have your 12-or-under-kid read 10 books -- any will do -- and get one of the books on the form free.

Need help get your kid's library started? Check out's 27 Best Books to Read with Your Kids, or get more ideas from the National Education Association's Top 100 Books for Children. Happy reading!