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Top School Closed in Mom Congress Delegate’s District

According to a press release by Mom Congress Connecticut delegate Gwen Eaddy-Samuel, one of the top 10-performing schools in West Haven, CT will be closing, according to a 5-3 vote by the city's board of education.

Eaddy-Samuel wrote in the press release that the Anna V. Molloy Elementary School has "maintained a high level of success for all students, including high rates of success for economically disadvantaged students, Black and Latino students, English Language Learners (ELL), and students with disabilities", closed the achievement gap and served an average class size of 23.

Eaddy-Samuel, co-founder and chairwoman of the State of Black Connecticut Alliance, will hold a press conference on May 24 at 6 p.m. as a public plea to keep the school open.

Fellow Mom Congress delegate Liza Weidle of North Carolina also covered the story and quoted Eaddy-Samuel from her press release: "When States close high performing schools and get RID of Effective Teachers...We have a serious problem that needs immediate address by the State Commissioner of Education, the CGA Education Committee leadership, Congressional leadership, and/or US Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan. It could be YOUR State, Your Child, Your Effective Teacher next!"