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Watch an Amazing Mom Stand Up for Her School

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There's no shortage of amazing, fired-up moms fighting to better our schools (here's 51 of them -- and we're now searching for 51 more). But tonight on NBC's new show School Pride, you'll get to see one inspiring mom make a big change in her town's school.

School Pride is like Extreme Makeover for ailing schools, only the teachers, students and parents are the ones doing the heavy lifting and building. The idea is to create a safe, modern and appealing structure where students will want to go for school every day -- and one they (and teachers and parents) will take pride in, since they contributed to its creation.

According to a press release on tonight's episode, tune in for a particularly inspiring story for anyone who believes in the mission of Mom Congress. It tells of how one mom stood up to the town's mayor to demand the resources for rebuilding the Hollenbeck Middle School in Los Angeles, which suffered while surrounding schools flourished. It's always great to hear about how one mom can bring so much positive change to a school.

Have you seen School Pride before? Watch tonight, then tell us in the comments what you thought of the episode!