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Action Alert - Build the Mom Congress Community on Facebook

Kathryn Young Thompson

Do you "like" your favorite TV shows on Facebook, your favorite restaurants or authors?  It's time to "like" what's best about education in this country and the amazing improvements that are yet to come.  It's time to "like" Mom Congress!  I know you'll come to LOVE it if you don't already.  Now we're asking you to push that button and tell the world how you feel.

We've got a pretty lofty goal: we want to increase our number of followers to 10,000 by Mother's Day. 10,000! Let's share what we learned at the Congress and bring our communities along with us. Let's keep up our momentum and get as many parents as we can to join us. A lot of us are feeling pretty fired up after four days at the Mom Congress event; let's channel that energy to spread the word. We can only grow this movement with everyone's help and participation. 10,000 is a big number and we've got just a little over a month, but you're fabulous so I'm sure we can do it.

You can tell your friends and community one of the best things about Mom Congress: when you "like" us on Facebook, you get immediate access to one of its strongest elements, the resource center. It's a huge list of resources and information, from education news and policy information to fundraising strategies and bullying prevention and everything in between.

The more people who know about what we're doing and become engaged in this work, the more positive change we'll see in the direction education is headed in this country.  When you and your friends and your parents and your sister-in-law's cousin's boyfriend "like" Mom Congress on Facebook, you'll all receive access to the information and updates on our Facebook page, and be able to keep on top of changes happening around the country.

Our Facebook page, resource center, and this blog are already in place to support you, and track your challenges and successes. They'll continually evolve as we hear your feedback.  Please tell us how we can improve the Mom Congress resource center -- and anything else -- and how you would like to get involved.  We can't wait to hear from you!