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Back-to-School Blog-a-thon Extended

Motown31/Wikimedia Commons

As long as I keep seeing great open letters written to our kids about what we’ll be doing to help them get the best education possible this year, I’ll keep linking to them.  Today I have three great posts to add to our stash.

Mrs. Q. from Fed Up With Lunch wrote to her son:

What I have learned in my work is that there is no “do over” for childhood. Every school year must be another opportunity for new growth. Now is a critical period of development for you, little guy.

Catherine Anderson, our 2010 Mom Congress delegate from Maine, said:

I have been invited to facilitate a conversation with new teachers in our district on inclusive curriculum design, and identifying our own bias in the process. I am committed to making sure in the years to come, that all our teachers have the resources they need to know how to design meaningful curriculum for all students- and not just the ones that share their own cultural, racial, or ethnic background.

Promising to be her kids’ rock, Virginia Zimmerman the 2010 Colorado delegate, wrote:

Throughout school years, there are so many fun times to celebrate and embrace. There will be times when they will not be so fun. Sometimes you will need someone to listen to the issues of elementary, middle, and soon high school, or be excited when something exciting has happened and I will be there for it all. I will be there to make sure you find a positive in your difficult days.



This post is part of the Mom Congress Back-to-School Blog-a-thon.